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Testimonials for Journeys Through Spirit


My son has autism spectrum disorder and is primarily non-verbal. We first saw Nan in September of 2023 to talk about what reiki is and how it could help my son. After talking with Nan my hopes were that it could help with relaxation and reduce stemming (particularly at night) so he could sleep, which in turn would reduce any behaviors or mood swings.

Since seeing Nan every 3 weeks my son is going to sleep quicker and sleeping better with little to no stemming (repetitive noises). He is more relaxed and calmer. His mood is better overall and I see him doing some things more independently. We had a “profound” moment when he put 5 words together in February. This was a complete “breakthrough” in communication! He took his time, I could see him actually thinking about what he was going to say. This has never happened! Nan is a “Godsend”

What I value most is Nan’s interaction with my son and how he responds to her. He looks forward to Reiki and seeing Nan. She takes a genuine interest in him and his well-being. I can’t think of anything Nan could improve on.  I would recommend Reiki to anyone, disabled or not. I’m extremely particular in what my son participates in and this has been a blessing. He has a sense of calm and peace.

Thank you, Nan. You are a “GEM” of the finest kind!

L and T   

MIRACLES...Just a testament on what's happening to my husband, thanks to Nan.  Was praying for a miracle and ran into Nan at the post office. She explained what Reiki can do so I was all in at this point.  My husband was in bad shape from being constipated from pain pills to pulled muscles in the back and groin and he has tumors in the abdomen. Nan started doing sessions on him every few days, and symptoms started clearing up. The main thing now is his cancer, and there seems to be relief in areas that were problems. I believe this Reiki works and Nan is very in tune to our needs. Thank you Nan" Daina D.

"Nan Patterson is a fantastic Reiki healer.  I had a serious infection in my sinus because a tooth that was part of a new bridge caused a pocket that never healed over several years.  I was given Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen combination pill for the pain, which was tremendous. I set up a distant Reiki healing session with Nan, and as I was in pain (my next pill was due, but I decided to wait and see how the Reiki would work).  The Reiki session was miraculous, and within 10 minutes, I could feel the pain leaving from the incision, and then it went across the stitches.  The pain was gone, absolutely gone! 

I am a stout believer in the power of energy healing.  I said these things during my session: 

  • I am open to this healing / I am grateful for this healing / I ask that Nan receive spiritual assistance from healers on the other side.

Bev P."

"I have seen many different mediums in my life, and Nan makes you really feel at home and at ease like no other medium I have seen. She is so intuitive, and her reiki services are out of this world. You will find her office to be very cozy and welcoming. Nan is incredibly gifted and caring, making anybody who might be new to such a thing one of the best experiences of their life. You will fall in love with her comfortable office and energy. 10/10 Amazing!!!" CJ

"This was an experience I won't forget. There were so many things brought through the medium that is still surreal to me. The details about people in my life that were present surprised me yet absolutely warmed my heart. If you are thinking about taking a journey through spirit, don't hesitate to reach out to Nan and have her do your reading. She was amazing, and my personal journey was only my first but not my last." Lisa B.

"To put it simply, my first experience with a Nan blew my mind. I had no idea what to expect and was naturally excited and a little apprehensive to meet with a medium! Within minutes of meeting Nan, I was completely at ease. She has such a genuinely sweet spirit about her, and I felt like I was spending time with a dear friend.  The session proved to be far more in-depth than I'd expected.  Nan truly has a gift! The interaction she had with my Father, who passed two years ago, was like a balm to my spirit. Such a treasure! All of the other things Nan brought forth were amazingly accurate and helpful. Things I hadn't discussed with anyone.  This experience really opened my eyes to the Spiritual realm. I left encouraged and blessed. I am much anticipating another meeting with Nan, and am so grateful for her gift and willingness to share it with others."  Cathy F.

"A few months ago I had a phone reading with Nan. While I’m open to information from readings, my initial thought is always skeptical. Everything Nan told me had some sort of relevance in my life, but some of the reading was scary specific to things only I knew. It was an awesome experience. Thanks Nan!!" Michelle H.

"Not sure as a man I'm supposed to talk to a psychic let alone write a review, but after my reading with Nan I'm compelled to man up. Skeptical to 100% believer. Nan zeroed in on recent loss of a loved one helping to relieve major guilt I held for years of not being able to be there. She pegged many life events no way she could have known. Her amazing accuracy definitely made me not only a believer, but a repeat customer. Highly recommend all to get a reading from Nan. Changed my beliefs and my lifes future outlook."   Craig L.

"What can I say about my reading with Nan, but wow! How wonderful to know your loved ones are still with you. Nan gave me information about loved ones that was comforting and assuring. Now my healing process can begin!" Linda T.

"Nan is very talented and I appreciate the time she takes to prepare for my Reiki, I can feel the energy as it goes through my body.  My session was extremely relaxing and helped balance my mood and emotions." Rich P.