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Medium / Psychic Readings in Colorado Springs

A Reading is a specific attempt to communicate through spirit guides or loved ones who have passed using heightened perceptive abilities or natural extensions of the basic human senses.

Readings are not just about connecting with loved ones; you can also ask questions and get guidance through spirit.  Some words my clients have used after readings are; I feel empowered and lighter, my guilt is gone, and I have the energy and the courage to make changes in my life. Death doesn’t seem so scary now.  My clients laugh, are reminded of memories with loved ones, and yes they cry. It can be an emotional yet beautiful experience.


Many of my clients have a strong faith in some form of religion.  That’s wonderful!  Are you concerned that somehow a reading would be wrong because it somehow is going against your religion?  Readings have nothing to do with religion.  If you believe that when we pass, our spirit leaves our body and goes to another place, then a reading can be beautiful.  A reading is not about judgment or trying to change your beliefs.  It’s about connecting with someone you have lost through validations, details, and memories.  Many of my clients find great comfort in knowing their loved ones are around them, and some say it has strengthened their faith in whatever they believe in.  Some clients have told me that death doesn’t seem so scary when they realize there really is another life after death.

Several of my clients have told me that they were afraid to get a reading because they didn’t want an angry family member or friend coming through that would pass on angry or mean messages.  They were afraid if that happened, it would leave behind even more quilt or anger after the reading.  When I ask spirit to join us, please know that I set boundaries.  Only spirit that is here for my client’s highest good is allowed.  If a spirit sneaks through that is not for our highest good, I will not pass those messages on as a reading should bring smiles, peace, and closure.

It has also been my experience that spirit does not often show up to vent and be angry.  Most of the time, a bad relationship has been resolved on the other side for the spirit that has passed, and they simply want to come and apologize or connect.  I have had clients, who say after several readings that they have a better relationship now with someone who had passed than they did when the person was here.  Hey…better late than never!

Understanding the process:

Before your reading, I will meditate on you for about 30 minutes and makes notes on what is sent to me.  I get my messages from spirit through photographs, voices, video clips, and even smells.  Spirit will also spell out words for me or communicate through song.  As we go through the notes, this is when spirit likes to pop in and give more details.  A reading usually lasts about an hour.

After your reading, I have to disconnect from your loved ones and your spirit guides who came to communicate with you so I can prepare for the next reading.  When I do a reading, the entire process for me is a little under 2 hours.

Things to know and understand:

Sometimes spirit has some heavy information to pass on.  These are usually life experiences that have impacted our lives in one way or another and need to be brought to the surface for healing purposes.  My amazing mentor taught me that we never hold back information just because the content might be hard.  If spirit has something to say, in some way, it will be for my client’s highest good and highest healing.  I’m not to pick and choose what I say and don’t say when it comes to healing.

Don’t take it personally if a spirit you wanted to communicate with does not come through.  There are several reasons why spirit may not appear in one reading but might come to the next one.  Some spirits will come to every reading and are always first in line to send a message.  I know it can be challenging but try not to make a list of people you want to hear from.  Try to come with no expectations.  I have had many surprise spirit quests that have shown up, and my client was shocked and excited!  As soon as you sign up for a reading, spirit knows.  You don’t have to make a list 😊

Remember that spirit may come through with a message that does not resonate with you at all.  It could be because the message is actually for another family member, co-worker, or friend.  I have had this happen several times.  Spirit knows when they have a chance to communicate with someone you know and might take that opportunity to pass on an important message. Never discard a message.  It could also be something that may happen in your future.